Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile | Nostalgia

Daily Prompt || April 7, 2014

There’s only one thing that can surely make me smile. Look at my old photos.

Nostalgias never fail to make me happy. Memories can touch one’s heart and that’s the thing about being a human. We never seem to forget them. There may have been something bad we went through in the past and it has always been our choice to forget it. But for the good times, it will forever be kept yours.

If I feel completely bored and I literally have nothing to do for the entire day, I would get some albums from the living room shelf and bring them to my bedroom, and look at the old, antique pictures that was taken in the last few years. Somehow, I will feel that everyday’s Thursday. Hashtag, throwback – if you already know what I mean.

So, to end the post, I will show you one picture that makes me happy all the time, no matter how much I’d look at it.


It’s me and my bro.

I’ve got three words for you. Oh. Em. Gee.
I can’t stop crying.


Daily Prompt: In the Summertime | Stopping Boredom

Daily Prompt || April 6, 2014

Summer have started two weeks ago. And even before the beginning of the season, I have already planned the activities I will be doing for the entire April and May.

Originally, I decided to attend summer advance classes at my school for Grade 9 Chemistry. But my teacher advised me that the lessons I will learn next year are too different from today’s Chemistry. So it will just be a waste of time and money for me to wake up early in the morning and go to my advance classes.

Although, that doesn’t mean I’m just going to stay here at home, sitting at the hot leathered sofa where I used to type on my laptop all day. I also go to a musical theatre class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for my dancing, singing, and acting skills. I’m actually attending my first day today. Time check! It’s 1:45pm and I’m still waiting for my brother to get home from his badminton training so my mom and I could leave the house and head to my theatre class – which will start on 3:30pm and end on six o’clock. I can’t hide my excitement right now. And I’m pretty sure I can’t wait to make new friends! Or some cute guys. I don’t know.

Every first and third Sunday of the month, I serve at a church here in my village as a lector. I read the First Reading, the Psalms, the Second Reading, or the introduction to the Gospel.

If I am not at my theatre class or at the church, I am here at home sitting on the sofa with the laptop before me as I finish writing my novel, or maybe just simply blogging. I also jog around the block at night for an hour with Nelly (if you still don’t know her, she’s my best friend). Or, if I’m not doing any of those things, you can find me at a mall, window shopping through different clothing stores and chilling at my favourite coffee shoppe.

I’m actually starting a new novel right now. Still doing the story plot, so yeah. Thanks for reading, and have an awesometastic summer!

There in My Heart | #NaPoWriMoDayFive

National Poem Writing Month || Day Five

There in My Heart

I ask you now, from the deepest part of my heart,
Do you love me?

With your fair complexion,
Your dark brown hair,
Your deep, baritone voice
that tells me three meaningful words
With your green, gleaming eyes,
Your never ending charm,
And your warm laughing smile
that makes my inside flip over in bliss

 I ask you now, from the deepest part of my heart,
Do you love me?

 An absolute Prince Charming, you are
Your flaws became your perfection
And wounds were nothing to you
As long as you have me, you’ll never break a grin

 You turn my tears to cheerful laughter,
You drive me to distant places in your royal carousel,
You wrap me with your warmth under the cold, cozy weather
A perfect Prince Charming, you are

I ask you now, from the deepest part of my heart,
Do you love me?

May it be endless midnight phone calls,
Warm and endearing cuddles,
Delightful dinners at fine restaurants,
And long walks on the beach 

All I ever know is I loved you for so many times,
From the deepest part of my heart

Even if you’re just a guy that I met 


in the pages of love stories

as written originally on Wattpad by Cynthia Green (my pseudonym)


Daily Prompt: Express Yourself! | I Just Like Doing Them

Daily Prompt || April 5, 2014

Of course, we all know that I have this deep affection in writing. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way I can express myself, right?

I paint. And I paint with such manner that I have to dream about it before I brush the colours through the canvass. The first time I learned how to really paint was a summer day at my grandparent’s house. Grandpa is a retired architect and he used to plan his buildings and houses on paper and paint it with water colours. He was the one who taught me how to do art, in the most creative way.

I take photos. I will care less if it is too dirty for me to lie on the grass just to get that one shot of a crawling bug. I will care less if I have to climb through the branches just to take a photo of the field down below. I love pictures. I love looking at them, keeping them, and sticking them up to my wall to give me memories from the past. Photos do well with remembering. You tend to reminisce back so easily, that you don’t even need anyone to remind you of that day when you first had your baby tooth out, or that time when you went swimming with your colleagues. Photographs are priceless, kept memories. And taking them is one of the best privilege I can ever have as an individual.

I write. Obviously. I just have to put in here, in case you’re still too stupid not to know. I remember staying up late at night just to finish that heck of a chapter of my novel. Just saying.

I act. Performing is also a big part of my life. Being on stage what I have been wanting myself to be in. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been acting in front of my stuff toys, bowing down when I finish my play. I represented my school twice in Oral Interpretation Contests, but never won a medal. I did get a silver medal when I competed in an Impromptu Competition outside of school – I was in fourth grade. I was also a member of a choral recitation group when I was in sixth grade and won Championships for an interschool contest. And recently, last school year, I also became a member of a choral recitation group and won Championships yet again for another interschool competition. I even lead them and choreographed almost everything for the winning piece. To say, I am the youngest in the group. My life is a stage. Everyday, I perform. And I never stop acting.

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady | Just a Few Reasons

Daily Prompt || April 4, 2014

So, there are a handful of reasons why I get jealous:

If my best friends don’t invite me to a hang-out. Seriously, who wouldn’t get offended by this? There are countless of times when my best friends did this to me. I mean, they would have just asked me if I want to go with them. Not ignore the thought of me and continue on to their own little journey. Even if I am not allowed to go, they would have asked me – because it totally means a lot when they do that. That means they all think of me when they have to hang out. One time, I broke down at class just because of that. I feel absolutely disappointed of their simple action. I sometimes feel alone because they go out together without me.

If I see people getting mushy and cuddly. It’s not that I get jealous at them. I get sad so easily because I suddenly realized that I’m single and I have no one to hold hands with. I just let it pass sometimes, because I know there will be someone waiting for me in the future. I just don’t need him now. Although the loneliness always gets to me and never stops breaking down my walls.

If my brother wins a board game or a card game. My older brother and I used to play Monopoly – may it be the board game or the cards. And I was the one who taught him how to play them. So whenever he wins a round, I would get really envious. “The teacher always loses.” my dad would say.

I don’t really get jealous a lot, but I think these are only a few of the reasons when the green-eyed monster gets out of me. How about you? Dare to share!


So In Love | #NaPoWriMoDayFour

National Poem Writing Month || Day Four

So In Love

My heart just skipped a beat
As you walked by flawlessly
Your voice just got me smiling
And that’s the beginning of everything

I love your brown eyes
I love your charming smile
Oh please, just stay by my side
So I know that you’ll be mine

Woah oh, I’m in
Woah oh, I’m in love with you

I clearly didn’t think this through
This feeling that I got for you
I clearly didn’t think this through
That I’m so in love with you

Am I the damsel in distress
‘Coz I think that you’re the best
To catch me from falling
Into your arms

I feel like flying when I’m with you
I feel like climbing to the top
Of the heaven, in the sky
Floating with the clouds

Woah oh, I’m in
Woah oh, I’m in love with you

I clearly didn’t think this through
This feeling that I got for you
I clearly didn’t think this through
That I’m so in love with you

But don’t you know the pain that you’re in love with someone else
What is it that you gain with that girl on a strapless dress
Why can’t you see
That you’re better off with me?

Is she better than me?

I clearly didn’t think this through
This feeling that I got for you
I clearly didn’t think this through
That I’m so in love with you

I clearly didn’t think this through
My head had gone confused
I clearly didn’t think this through
That I’m so, so, so in love with you


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