Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy | Five Annoying Things

Daily Prompt || March 31, 2014

There are five things that I seriously can’t stand.

If there are some random objects on the floor. I get so irritated and bothered when there are stuffs on the ground. One time, I was lying on the bed and almost asleep and I slightly glanced at my carelessly fallen towel that was hanging on the chair before. I stood up, grabbed the freaking towel, and hanged it again on the back of the chair. And that’s the only way I can sleep soundly at night.

If there is something that I want to buy, and I wasn’t able to bring my money. I am quite a spender, I have to admit. I might call this a symptom of my “SMD”, also known as the “Shopaholic Mayhem Disorder”. I remember being too forceful to my brother to add the amount of money that I had in my pocket so that I can purchase the notebook that I saw resting on the shelf of a department store. To say, it was the last notebook of its kind. I certainly felt unique when I bought it, thinking that maybe there are only five other people who own the same type of notebook that I have today. I often regret it when I don’t buy something that I see. I am the kind of person who sees precious little things that I know I will use for ages.This is why every time I go to the mall, I would always make sure that there’s at least enough money for me to buy a book or something else really worthy, or else, I will get damn crazy.

If my nails are broken. Somehow, my nails can become weak when they are wet, and they tend to break too easily. Even though there is only one broken nail, I will cut off all my nails just to get rid of that annoying feeling of getting a nail cracked. However, I can definitely see that it is far too normal for me to be too aware of my nails, because I use my hands in almost everything that I do.

If I have nothing to hug to when sleeping. Or no one. Teddy bears have been a huge part of my life. I know so well that only children need stuff toys to be able to sleep at night. But that doesn’t mean that I have no right to own them and even use them as my own silent lullaby. I have thought lately that the stuff toys I have on my bed today are one of the things that will never stop me from having a heart of a kid. Here’s to never growing up, I must say.

If my mother is too nosy about things. I know my mom so well that I don’t even need a dictionary to define her world of motherhood – because I have my own vocabulary to describe her. When I say nosy, I mean it. She would ask me the exact address where I am going, the people I am going with (every freaking individual), and the exact time I will be home. She’s like a typical father, but not much working outside. She would question me like I’m some kind of culprit who seriously needs to spit out the truth. As usual, I am left with no choice but to say every bit of the detail she wants to know, even if she doesn’t even need it. Like, “what are you going to do there?”

These are the things that can drive me completely crazy. Each of us has its own list. What about you? Do you dare to share?


It’s Just the Beginning


 Day one of summer just started today when my friends and I went to this private resort somewhere in Muntinlupa. Well, it might have been private if we had the entire pool reserved and we were having the place for our own. Nevertheless, there were still other guests who came there that we tried to share the swimming pool with. 

My best friend’s mother is a teacher from another school, and since the school days had gone by, she decided to treat her students with an amusing pool party. I was invited by my best friend because she didn’t want to be left alone with them. There were seven of us in Teacher Mary’s car (now I call her Mommy), including my brother. My parents wished to have my older brother join me, because they will not allow me to go if I have no companion.

Asking permission to Mom and Dad have been so devastatingly difficult these days. I was always desperate and I can barely stop myself from forcing them to say yes. 

I slept two in the morning the night before (well, technically it’s not night anymore). Dozing for only four hours, I managed to wake up at six in the morning the next day with the endless roars of my two alarm clocks – one was the little blue alarm clock and the other one was my cellphone. But it became useless rising early at dawn when I literally went back lying down on the bed again. (sigh) Stupid. My mother woke me up for the second time, then I was mentally panicking because it was exactly 8:14 AM. And we were supposed to be picked up by nine. I didn’t take a shower to get ready, considering it was a swimming resort I am going to. But I did dress up so quick that I almost ripped off my shorts when I was about to wear it.

Unbelievably, my brother and I was picked up not earlier than ten o’clock. (Seriously?!) But I understood. They were just too busy buying litres of soda from the local store for our lunch and snacks later on. I remember when my best friend begun passing around a pack of marshmallows in the car, and I took three of them, mumbling “chubby bunny” on every piece that is placed inside my mouth. Crazy, I know.

The best part of today happened just before we left the place. We stood on the shore of Laguna de Bay and felt the strong wind blowing past us, like little precarious fingers touching our skin.

But I have to say, I really felt summer one moment when I dipped my legs in the pool, and my friends splashed water right in front of my beautiful face..

Yep, that’s summer. And that’s the way you start it. 


From left to right: Nelly (my best friend), Me (haha), Julia, Jedd, and then my brother at the farthest right. Alliah was behind me.

About the Blog

My name is Shawn, I am 14 years young (so young, by the way) and I fond myself with writing short stories and beginning novels. With a dream of being a published author someday, I long to create this blog that will help me get through it. 

Literature may have been a huge part of me now, but I do know so well that I am into styling outfits and mix-matching clothes. When I was eight years old, I have already idolized my mother on how she dresses up and how much she sees that an accessory plays a relevant role in an entire outfit. Both of my parents are interior designers. Therefore, I grew up studying and analysing what colours fit what colours, and asking myself all the time if dark shades can go with light ones. 

To be rightfully clear, Shawn is not my real name. It’s a nickname. Yet, it was still taken from one of my three names, “Asuncion”. The last syllable is Shawn. In case you’re asking, I made the nickname up – just to be safe in the internet. 

Last thing, I want you all to know that I do not expect this blog to have a lot of readers. This blog is only born for two purposes – to express myself and to share what I have with others. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the blog.