Daily Prompt: Express Yourself! | I Just Like Doing Them

Daily Prompt || April 5, 2014

Of course, we all know that I have this deep affection in writing. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way I can express myself, right?

I paint. And I paint with such manner that I have to dream about it before I brush the colours through the canvass. The first time I learned how to really paint was a summer day at my grandparent’s house. Grandpa is a retired architect and he used to plan his buildings and houses on paper and paint it with water colours. He was the one who taught me how to do art, in the most creative way.

I take photos. I will care less if it is too dirty for me to lie on the grass just to get that one shot of a crawling bug. I will care less if I have to climb through the branches just to take a photo of the field down below. I love pictures. I love looking at them, keeping them, and sticking them up to my wall to give me memories from the past. Photos do well with remembering. You tend to reminisce back so easily, that you don’t even need anyone to remind you of that day when you first had your baby tooth out, or that time when you went swimming with your colleagues. Photographs are priceless, kept memories. And taking them is one of the best privilege I can ever have as an individual.

I write. Obviously. I just have to put in here, in case you’re still too stupid not to know. I remember staying up late at night just to finish that heck of a chapter of my novel. Just saying.

I act. Performing is also a big part of my life. Being on stage what I have been wanting myself to be in. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been acting in front of my stuff toys, bowing down when I finish my play. I represented my school twice in Oral Interpretation Contests, but never won a medal. I did get a silver medal when I competed in an Impromptu Competition outside of school – I was in fourth grade. I was also a member of a choral recitation group when I was in sixth grade and won Championships for an interschool contest. And recently, last school year, I also became a member of a choral recitation group and won Championships yet again for another interschool competition. I even lead them and choreographed almost everything for the winning piece. To say, I am the youngest in the group. My life is a stage. Everyday, I perform. And I never stop acting.


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