Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady | Just a Few Reasons

Daily Prompt || April 4, 2014

So, there are a handful of reasons why I get jealous:

If my best friends don’t invite me to a hang-out. Seriously, who wouldn’t get offended by this? There are countless of times when my best friends did this to me. I mean, they would have just asked me if I want to go with them. Not ignore the thought of me and continue on to their own little journey. Even if I am not allowed to go, they would have asked me – because it totally means a lot when they do that. That means they all think of me when they have to hang out. One time, I broke down at class just because of that. I feel absolutely disappointed of their simple action. I sometimes feel alone because they go out together without me.

If I see people getting mushy and cuddly. It’s not that I get jealous at them. I get sad so easily because I suddenly realized that I’m single and I have no one to hold hands with. I just let it pass sometimes, because I know there will be someone waiting for me in the future. I just don’t need him now. Although the loneliness always gets to me and never stops breaking down my walls.

If my brother wins a board game or a card game. My older brother and I used to play Monopoly – may it be the board game or the cards. And I was the one who taught him how to play them. So whenever he wins a round, I would get really envious. “The teacher always loses.” my dad would say.

I don’t really get jealous a lot, but I think these are only a few of the reasons when the green-eyed monster gets out of me. How about you? Dare to share!



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