Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile | Nostalgia

Daily Prompt || April 7, 2014

There’s only one thing that can surely make me smile. Look at my old photos.

Nostalgias never fail to make me happy. Memories can touch one’s heart and that’s the thing about being a human. We never seem to forget them. There may have been something bad we went through in the past and it has always been our choice to forget it. But for the good times, it will forever be kept yours.

If I feel completely bored and I literally have nothing to do for the entire day, I would get some albums from the living room shelf and bring them to my bedroom, and look at the old, antique pictures that was taken in the last few years. Somehow, I will feel that everyday’s Thursday. Hashtag, throwback – if you already know what I mean.

So, to end the post, I will show you one picture that makes me happy all the time, no matter how much I’d look at it.


It’s me and my bro.

I’ve got three words for you. Oh. Em. Gee.
I can’t stop crying.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile | Nostalgia

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