About the Blog

My name is Shawn, I am 14 years young (so young, by the way) and I fond myself with writing short stories and beginning novels. With a dream of being a published author someday, I long to create this blog that will help me get through it. 

Literature may have been a huge part of me now, but I do know so well that I am into styling outfits and mix-matching clothes. When I was eight years old, I have already idolized my mother on how she dresses up and how much she sees that an accessory plays a relevant role in an entire outfit. Both of my parents are interior designers. Therefore, I grew up studying and analysing what colours fit what colours, and asking myself all the time if dark shades can go with light ones. 

To be rightfully clear, Shawn is not my real name. It’s a nickname. Yet, it was still taken from one of my three names, “Asuncion”. The last syllable is Shawn. In case you’re asking, I made the nickname up – just to be safe in the internet. 

Last thing, I want you all to know that I do not expect this blog to have a lot of readers. This blog is only born for two purposes – to express myself and to share what I have with others. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the blog.


What can you say?

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