Endless Annoyance


Remember that post I published recently? It’s the NaPoWriMo thing. 

It is a song I wrote when I was in love with a guy way back in eighth grade. I was drawn attracted to him, because he was good-looking and kind. We had this mutual understanding for only a few weeks, because in the end, it didn’t really work out for me. He became too awkward, and uncomfortable whenever I’m around. I thought it was okay, so I let it flow after a few days. But when he really didn’t try to take an effort to talk to me at school, I decided to end the “thing” we had. It was the best action to do that time. Or else, if I am still with him today, I am totally doomed as ever. And pissed a lot of times. And I might maybe get weeks of mood swing, just because of him and his foolish acts. I mean, why would he talk so naturally with the other girls, and when it comes to me, he’s always dumbfounded and too quiet (that I can’t barely hear a word)? Is that an affect of falling in love? Nevertheless, I realized it wasn’t really love. It’s just a crush that was misunderstood. Goddamn it, I say. 

If you wanna know more about him and me today, here’s some things he’s been doing right now. He would:

  • Text me that he’s sorry and that he will change
  • Want to find out where I am going by asking his cousin to text me
  • (If the class is going to an event, he would..) Like to know what time I’ll be going so he can go there on the same hour
  • Talk to my best friend about his problem, so that she can convince me to go back to him (as if!)
  • Be corny and base his replies with songs, like, “How can I move on when I’m still in love with you?” (The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script)
  • Be a creepy stalker

Here’s another thing: He is obsessed with me. He will try everything he can, to get me back. He doesn’t know how to move on. Seriously. I am trying to have a life here, and he just keeps on sending me little, sweet-sounding messages that he promises me he will change. He even asked me to start all over again with him and just be friends. I refused the offer. I cannot bare to have a relationship with him, even if this will just be a freaking small friendship. Nope, nada, nu-uh. One big NO. 

I am trying to begin a new life, where I can be free to choose my own Prince Charming. But he just never stops.


What can you say?

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