Are You Fooled?


Yesterday, I had pulled off a prank on Facebook for April Fools’ – since I haven’t been doing anything special every year on this day. I updated my status about me owning a VIP ticket to Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert here in my country. It was posted earlier at ten o’clock in the morning.


Look at all those likers who didn’t know they got fooled.

At seven thirty in the evening, when I just got home from jogging with Nelly (my best friend, and I think you’ve met her on my summer blog), I revealed the truth hidden within the previous post.


The underlined word are in Filipino language. Here is a translation: “What am I? A lucky person? As if! Maybe I’m just dreaming to be.”

And that’s the story of my first April Fools’ prank. How about you? What trick did you pull off yesterday? Were you the victim of the prank? Share!


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